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Status: NIB
Date: 9-Aug-2020
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Description: Tamiya Ni-Cd Battery Fast Charger
Sub description: N/A
Item number: 55018; RB018; 5018
Release date/year: 27-09-1984
Countries of purchase: Japan
Condition: New In Box

A great addition to my Tamiya charger and battery collection this charger is. Quite rare in Europe if you ask me. I came across this charger on a Yahoo Japan auction site being the first time i'd ever seen it. I even don't know if it was sold outside of Japan. It is quit a big charger compared to the black 6V and grey/brownish 7.2V chargers that are far more familiar, also in Europe. This would have been a great charger back in the days when you owned both voltage batteries. With just one switch you could either charge your 7.2V humpback battery or the very first hardcase 6V Tamiya branded battery. And with two individual charge leads you didn't had to worry connecting your battery to the wrong voltage,
The box of this charger is pristine being 36 years old. It contains everything like the inner carton that has the same shape and folding method used in other packages like Tamiya Acto Power motors and older battery packages.
The instructions and some sort of service form are included as well as the plastic bag.
This charger is absolutely brand new and have never had any power on it. Bought it extremely cheap and is now stored in my glass cabinet with multiple other period gear beside it.

You may think, what a lot of text for an old charger....LOL. But i love this old Tamiya Branded gear. There sometimes more rare than cars or parts and you never have the risk of being re-released.

Thanks for watching.

4 Again great effort on the box art 6 5518 or later 55018 but also known as RB018 3 The possible batteries back in the days 5 1984 release date. 5 7 Nice firm inner carton 3 Instructions and service paper 2 2 The power of switch let you charge 6V of 7.2V 2 Two individual leads and connections 6 One hour charging time with these specs. 2 Quite a big and heavy charger




Yes sir , very nice indeed

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