Model: (Click to see more) 473?64: TT-02 White Special Chassis Kit
Status: NIB
Date: 20-Aug-2020
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This wasn't really a planned build, as I already had a TT02R and TT02RR to build, but then I saw the White Special kit super cheap, and then came across these beautiful clear blue rims (49409) so thought I would build it first as a practice run before the R and RR, to see how a TT02 went together in stock form.

So then I found clear blue damper cylinders (84225) that matched the wheels, so the idea of a Blue and White special came about, which works for this lifelong / long suffering Evertonian! I wanted to keep the bling to a minimum (the idea was that was mostly stock after all!!), but couldn't live with the all-plastic drive train. It just didn't seem mechanical enough, too toy like. So I picked up an aluminium prop shaft and prop cups, then took the outdrives, drive shafts and axles from the R kit (which will have universals fitted), to make an all-metal drive train. I then used a blue battery plate from a TT02D parts tree, and used some blue ball connectors and turnbuckle rods that I had in my spares box.

When it came to paint, I bought a 911 GT3 VIP Cup body set, but didn't use the wing or any of the sponsor decals, just kept the paint simple and used the window and lights stickers plus a few other details. The main blue stickers came from MCI.

There is a full build thread here

1 6 4 Wish I hadn't tried to paint the indicators in 2 5 3 4 5 5 5 1 6 3 3 2

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