Model: (Click to see more) 99996: Radio Gear
Status: NIB
Date: 21-Aug-2020
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Description: Tamiya Adspec R601-FM Digital Proportional 6 Channel Radio Control System
Sub description: N/A
Item number: 45018
Release date/year: 23-08-1995
Country of purchase: Japan
Condition: Brand New In Box

I really love Tamiya branded/private label items. Usually the 2 stars increase the sales price with 2 digit percentages opposite to the original brand. But as long as people in Japan sell stuff as 'junk', you can grab great deals . This was just the case with this Adspec Transmitter. The are still up for sale but usually for prices that are above my budget for being no more then 'a-nice-addition-beside-my-other-Adspec-transmitters'. In this case i found this set on Yahoo listed as junk with an additional remark: used/light damage. From the pictures i could make up that this wasn't the case and i placed my bid. Won the auction for no more than 30 euro's. Including fees, shipping and taxes, this nice addition to my 'Tamiya branded' items set me back around 60 euro's. And as i expected, it is brand new and never used. The books, frequency sticker and small screwdriver/tool are present. All protective films are still present and no item has even been installed.

Along the way Tamiya stopped with fancy hand drawn box art for their equipment. In this case a boring brown box with a picture of the transmitter, The only 'art' that can be found is the R-letter...

Also Tamiya didn't even try to get rid of the Futaba name. The battery lid is stating FUTABA so for everybody who thought Tamiya made their own transmitters you can stop dreaming.

This transmitter is carrying the Adspec (ADvanced SPECification) name. Starting as a black 2 channel pistol grip Transmitter with stopwatch for cars back in 1985 it was followed up by a similar 2 channel Adspec Plus pistol grip radio without the Stopwatch. Then the 3 channel Adspec came for Nitro models (G301FM) and after that this beast came, used for the Tamiya Glider. The Adspec name was later one used for a few transmitter sets.
The Adspec Sport, Adspec GT and Adspec GS.

And have look at the price back then. 14.800yen in 1995. When using an inflation calculator turning this in today's money, this transmitter will cost you an amazing 615 euro's....

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