Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: NIB
Date: 21-Aug-2020
Comments: 4
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Very long awaited re-release of this fantastic model.
Given, that I grew up with the 1987 Kyosho catalogue I do not understand
the green color. I think it must be yellow - but see yourself.
I must admit, that knowing the standard of the Optima re-re I was
a bit disappointed with this one - no blisters, the price is not low and
I'm not sure everything is well thought out.
I'm currently building it, but unsure if its very nice having to deal
with the chain, would an optional belt not be great ?
Some bearings fit too tight, others are too lose and I think it's
a secret how the rubber spacers should be cleanly fitted into
the upper deck...but that seems to be the price vintage fans
have to pay.. Maybe once finished the result will be rewarding.
let me know if anybody wants more details.

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Not much kit but sure all quality!! Very nice!



I bought mine as soon as it was in stock at Tamico, but won’t build it, till I can get the new LeMans brushless motor too. Looks really cool in yellow, wonder if aditional decals will be available, that would be cool.

So far Kyosho haven’t let me down with the rere’s. All have been packed excellent and buildquality have been perfect. Surprised if it shouldn’t be the case with the Fantom too?



Check out RCKicks on YouTube. He built one of these and had some issues but nothing about the bearings as I can recall corect. You can contact him about the rubbers for the upper deck.



Thanks for the comments and hints! I've already built it now and it's doable. I was more mentioning my opinion on the kit.
I still think it's great, that such models are re-released. But either I would hope for complete nostalgic feeling or for an updated kit, that really leaves you in astonishment.
Now here we have no blisters and some updates, but for example the drive chain is handed to you like 30y ago.
The manual leaves you alone how really it should be handled - I think it would be possible to write, that 6 elements need to be removed, and as well, that the chain will with some runtime widen itself etc...well let's do not start a discussion here - my main challenge is now how to get it colored

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