Model: (Click to see more) 58441: Buggy Champ 2009
Status: New built
Date: 25-Aug-2020
Comments: 8
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The Bel-Ray Bullet is simply legendary in off road racing and the history of Baja. The Tamiya Rough Rider / Buggy Champ SRB even copied the Bullet colour scheme. I wanted to build a running SRB that paid homage to this iconic car but I also wanted to build something a little different. The result is a hybrid SRB with the classic radio box and SRB chassis, which necessitates a non-scale Bel Ray Bullet side pod profile, combined with an RCChannel rear suspension that mimics the Super Champ FFPDS system. The real Bullet still had upright rear shocks, so I've fitted the kit rear shocks in an attempt to copy these but have left them empty of oil so as not to interfere with the rear RCChannel damper - in short, they only look the part with the original heat sink fins emulated with an RC4WD rubber housing overlay and the shocks mounted inverted.
The Bullet had side pod petrol caps and a rear exhaust, air and oil filter the latter all visible at the back end. I've tried to design some 3D printed parts for these. The exhaust and roof number are simply held on by hidden 5mm neodymium magnets.
The lights are all functional and the side mirrors are simply foiled pieces of Lego. The final finishing touch is a J-Man front bumper which is simply superb.
So is this a runner? Yes - but not with this body! I have made two similar bodies, the runner without a spare wheel, mirrors and upper lights. At least then I can relax when driving on the beach!

8 A Semi-Scale Bullet 8 Lights on as the sun goes down 9 12 9 Magnets hold the roof race number in place 7 Exhaust and filters held on by magnets 8 A J-Man front Bullet bumper to finish 10

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I´ve always been for the Scorcher and never too much a fan of the Rough rider, but your scale details transform it so well! Looks much more aggressive and trustable! Which light housings did you use? It does look excellent, and even with your slightly less stuffed runner body it must look so cool running on the beach...
Straight into my favorites!



it's absolutely beautiful and brilliant!



ruebiracer - The light housings were just 1/10th scale RC lights off eBay from China. Don’t think they have a specific brand! They are two sizes - large on the front with 5mm Leds and smaller for the rears and roll cage with 3mm Leds. I just painted the inside of the light housings silver and used Tamiya Transparent red on the rear lenses. The rear Leds, whilst looking white switched off, are actually red when on. Thanks for adding to your favorites.



I love it!



Very cool, thanks for your explanations! Everything is nicely integrated, even the wiring!



Looks awesome! Decals look top quality.



SRB's always look the part on the beach but this one just owns it! What a stunning sight this is. Real poster quality pictures!



Very nice!! Looks great!

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