Model: (Click to see more) 58441: Buggy Champ 2009
Status: Parts
Date: 25-Aug-2020
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I added some home made parts to my semi scale Bullet. I copied some photos of the original car to create the petrol caps and air and oil filters on the SRB. These parts were 3d printed and painted and the filters and exhaust are simply held in place by 5mm neodymium magnets, This provides either a knock-off ┬ácapability attempting to minimise damage in the event of the car rolling, or simply allows the removal of the exhaust / filters prior to driving! I used the same magnets for the roof race number too under thin aluminium sheet.
To finish off, I made some water slide decals, trying to copy some of the original cars stickers. Hope people don't mind me posting the inspirational photos.

5 Bullet petrol caps printed 6 2 sets all painted ready for fitting. 3 Magnets hold the roof race number in place 2 Water slide decals. White lettering is a challenge 5 Rear exhaust printed and primed 4 Painted with magnets ready to fit 9 Front decals added 9 The back end.... 9 Back end inspiration.... 8 Front end inspiration.....

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Really fantastic work here, great details!!



Just great, thanks for sharing the details on these!



They all look amazing! Fantastic work!

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