Model: (Click to see more) 58067: Thundershot
Status: Project
Date: 10-Sep-2020
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Originally built back in 2005 (see parts 1-10 of build thread elsewhere in the showroom).

Since 2007 very few changes made and not a single broken part despite being used by my daughters every summer for 15 years. I just painted up a new (sat in the attic for 15 yrs) Kamtech Land Rover bodyshell and have now fitted 2.4Ghz receiver.


The truck is fully DIY built back in 2005, cost less than        £120 in total, uses thundershot buggy front gearboxes as live axles plus a thundershot rear gearbox as a transfer case. It is powered by a very high torque cordless drill motor driving through an aircraft reduction drive and uses traxxas propshafts. Suspension is counterlevered CVA twin shocks per corner with dual rates.

Resulting gearing is 65:1 at the wheels.

Can achieve a 6-7' obstacle axle twist (with all three other tyres still firmly on the ground), has 50mm of ground clearance under the diffs and 95mm of clearance under the center transmission plate.

ESC is a Novak rooster and the stick packs used are 7.2v NiCD's mounted on the chassis above the front axle. Run time is about 60 minutes off a 2000mah battery.

Utterly reliable and as it uses same parts as my thundershot 'daily driver' buggies so can be maintained/repaired easily and cheaply if required from my thundershot spares pile (which is very large).

My youngest daughter loves this truck so much that she is now building one for herself!

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ingenious!!! Love it!

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