Model: (Click to see more) 84431: Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 Jägermeister
Status: NIB
Date: 10-Sep-2020
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This started out as an 84431 40th Anniversary Jagermeister 934 kit, on the TA02SW chassis with a 236mm wheelbase. My intention was always a road car rather than track car finish, but I couldn't find a Black Edition kit! So straight away I sold the shell, stickers and wheels and bought a Black Edition body set from Tamico, along with these black hub-cap wheels. I decided on Corsa Grey as my paint colour, to end up with a 'baby blue' road car with black detailing!

The build challenge was correcting the wheelbase to the original 230mm intended for the 934 body shell, as featured on the 49400 30th Anniversary kit. This has all been covered brilliantly by other peoples' build threads, but in a nutshell it involves some carbon fibre plates from a great eBay seller based in Germany who creates upper and lower decks cut and drilled for 230mm wheelbase, along with front and rear CF shock towers. The other requirement is to shorten the prop shaft, and my chosen method was to cut deeper slots in the prop cups; simple enough if you have a vice and a Dremel.

There's a build thread with a bit more detail here if you're interested!

11 The final result 12 The starting point! 11 230mm CF plates from excellent eBay seller 16 53136 Thrust Bearing replaces kit plastic parts 7 69T spur gear from 53127 Speed Gear Set 5 Front section with tie rods in place of upper arms 15 Rear section with tie rods in place of upper arms 8 Need to cut the prop cups for the shaft to fit 10 6mm needed! 9 2mm off the end of one cup to fit shaft profile 9 The final prop cups! 4 All fits perfectly 5 Precision Geek servo mounts 10 Happy with the wheelbase fit 6 Black vinyl stickers by @trucknorris! 13 Black / chrome wheels look goooood! 3 Happy with the tail paint work 9 Tamiya, why all those stickers to make the bumper? 11 Give us black plastic moulded bumpers! 7 A gorgeous chassis and a very satisfying build




Beautifully executed!



Followed your thread with interest, top job and really cool oldschool color choice! To save that precious body, you coul order the Lancia 037 Ta02 bumper and cut to fit the 911 body shape! Will do that for mine 934, to have a little less fear running it. Great, that you decided to use the maxspeedparts chassis plates to form this runner! Despite the mods needed on the outdrives of the gearboxes, it´s an almost plug and play way to get to true 230mm wheelbase. For sure, this body desevres it. Still don´t understand Tamiya to not following this route, especially for a 40 years edition.
Your chassis looks modern and classsic at the same time, nice choice of parts!



Thanks very much, and thanks for your prior inspiration. I've decided to do a build thread too to capture the specifics in more detail, which might be useful for future builders. And I WILL look into the Lancia bumper mod too, thanks!

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