Model: (Click to see more) 58452: Sand Scorcher
Status: New built
Date: 12-Sep-2020
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This is my interpretation of entrant #537 who, like many others back in the day, hasn't got round to painting the aftermarket fiberglass body panels.

1 Bursting with character ... 5 just like the original ... 1 1 3 built at the same time as a Buggy Champ ... 1 with the same 3d printed engine ... 1 modified the fenders and painted the ... 3 inside to simulate unpainted fiberglass ... 1 Tamiya masking tape used throughout ... 2 with flat clear used to take the shine away ... 2 and flat clear on the chrome ... 6 easy enough to illuminate the main lights ... 1 3d printed wheel arches were used ... 4 and epoxied in place after being weathered ... 2 3d printed dash with loads of details ... 2 not forgetting the chrome strip down the side ... 5 and the driver ... 3 3d printed engine and exhaust ... 2 with lovely little details ... 1 a darker colour was used on the inside rim.

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I never get tired of seeing the Sand Scorcher, very nice job. Of all the Scorchers in the world you don't get to many that look the same.

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