Model: (Click to see more) 58441: Buggy Champ 2009
Status: New built
Date: 12-Sep-2020
Comments: 5
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This is my interpretation of entrant #110.

11 A lovely step back in time ... 7 based on a great racer ... 6 with great details ... 8 including some 3d printed parts ... 11 built at the same time as a Sand Scorcher ... 6 the rear section removed as per full-size ... 10 the white was painted ... 5 and TS-101 has great coverage properties ... 6 4 with flat clear used to take the shine away... 5 spot light buckets are chrome and black ... 4 stickers are helpfully pre-cut ... 12 7 loads of driver details ... 6 Sand Scorcher driver is a more realistic size ... 6 3d printed engine and exhaust ... 5 with lovely little details ... 5 augmented with servo wire ... 7 a darker colour was used on the inside rim ... 5 a custom chassis allowed for a lower driver.

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That’s gorgeous with lots of wonderful details. I love how you painted the dampers yellow. Which 3D printed engine is that?



Wonderful car !!!



Thanks Steffen, I used the Mk2 SRB Main Engine from Knight Customs and it fits in the Buggy Champ without any modification and I found it a joy to work with. I’d forgotten to mention the dampers - I used Tamiya primer which is pretty good on metal and then TS-47 Chrome Yellow.



That is beautifully made and stunning quality in attention to detail.


Stunning, fantastic paintwork and detailing!

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