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Status: New built
Date: 24-Sep-2020
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This is my 1/10th scale Graupner Radicator 2 that I purchased on May 20, 2020 for $193.00 USD from a Feebay seller in Germany. As I continue to branch out with models from manufacturers other than Tamiya, I really took a liking to the Traxxas Radicator 1 when I first saw a mint example of one back in 2014/15 at the Vintage Offroad Nationals. It was such a striking car with sharp/sleek body lines and great detail so within the last year or so I started to casually look for one. Not knowing much about them and the different variations that were available BITD, I purchased this rare Graupner Radicator 2 figuring it was 'better' than an original Radicator 1. Only after the purchase did I do more research and discover that Graupner was the distributor of the Traxxas Radicator line (1 and 2) so they changed the body and rebadged some of them as the 'Graupner Radicator 2' and 'Radicator Expert' to be sold in Europe back in 1992. The Traxxas and Graupner versions have a differing chassis, body/decals, etc but I really wanted a Traxxas Radicator 1. Oops! The Graupner Radicator 2 version came with bronze bushings, a rotary MSC, 540 motor and no ball diff or slipper clutch while the Radicator Expert version came with all options and no electronics. Perhaps some of our European TC members are aware of these model's existence but I had never seen or heard of them before spotting this on Ebay. Due to the limited international flights between Europe and the United States during the height of the pandemic over the summer, I waited several months for this to arrive so I had time to reconsider and make a half-hearted attempt to cancel the purchase but the seller indirectly and kindly refused and assured me he was going to ship it as soon as international shipping carriers started flying again so I didn't put up a fuss. It arrived in brand new condition, new-built from the factory with the box, manual, decals, uncut/unpainted body and wing, some shock parts, a few small tools and I'm quite impressed with it's quality although I'm not sure how sturdy the plastic parts are. It appears to be all ABS plastic typical for an entry-level buggy but it does have long travel front shocks, bell-crank steering and adjustable metal turnbuckles front and rear which are nice touches and a sign of things to come as the Expert version was released afterwards. I'm not a fan of the body design and how high it sits on the chassis but the overall fit and finish of this car appears to be excellent and the plastic shocks are smooth as butter. Being the practical person that I am, I now have a dilemma because I recently found a very nice Traxxas Radicator 1 that I purchased so I have to decide whether or not to keep this Radicator 2. If I end up keeping it it will definitely remain new-built especially since I'm probably going to run the Traxxas Radicator. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

25 Cool box art. 20 20 24 20 20 17 Nice suspension and chassis design. 20 21 Telescoping drive shafts. 19 20 22 Long front A-arms and long travel shocks. 13 Adjustable turnbuckles. 17 17 15 Is this too cool to get rid of?

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How cool! Never seen one of these before! I like the design and tyres look good!



@MAD-BEE: Thanks! Yes, I agree, it's a very interesting and rare buggy which means I might have to keep it!

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