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Date: 24-Sep-2020
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Hi to everyone on the site, it's been a long time since I added anything to my collection, I kinda hit a collector's block as I have over the years bought nearly every car on my want list with not many left. The one buggy I never quite found until now being a first release RC10 gold pan, well I'm glad to say it's been found and that most exclusive of hard to find buggys is now finally in my collection. These first release are near to impossible to find or come up for sale. I found this one over 3 months ago, the shipping from the states took 11 weeks which in it's self is a record for me. My goodness that was a long time worrying if this buggy was lost or missing! But it finally got to the UK.
So only fitting to share my delights with other RC10 fans and you guys this wonderful Rc community. Keep up the passion and never grow old. Piece and stay safe everyone.

6 1984 early version. 5 No Goodyear tyres on this version. 2 See thro, thin plastic gear cover. 9 Fiberglass battery clips, first release buggys. 6 Note the blue lettering on the attena tubing. 5 Round ball connectors, later versions hexagonal. 3 Rear spring seated inside. 5 All correct paperwork from the period. 8 8 3 4 5 Perfect gold pan.

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One more ticked off my list!




This is upper cool ! Bet you had to spend an arm and a leg for it
What is this 'white chocolate bricks' on pic #10 for? I haven't seen these before?



Great find....beautiful shape!!



White chocolate bricks are servo tape, thanks guys.

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