Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: New built
Date: 27-Sep-2020
Comments: 3
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Found this one locally some time ago. Didn't really know the model in advance, but seems like Kyoshos take on the Bigwig or Boomerang. It is in super nice condition, and goes well on the shelf with my other Kyoshos.

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i really like the shadow not the fastest but for a starter 4x4 i think its great, big and chunky and shaft driven very different from the other kyosho buggys of the time over shadowed by the optima maybe but against boomerangs and hotshots it can hold its own a really good find !



Agree it seems like a great contender to the Tamiya shots series. But probably suffered saleswise to these and ofcourse to the Optima series.


Got one in blue, my first ever RC car.
It's a nice car, solid, good oil dampers and I find the body really appealing. Its main problem is the steering system, it`s terrible, imprecise, slow, and can't run on sandy areas as it gets stuck. But hey, it's still a nice car. Never seen one in red.

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