Model: (Click to see more) 58519: Toyota 4x4 Pickup Bruiser
Status: Runner
Date: 27-Sep-2020
Comments: 3
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I always wanted the Hilux, way back when they were first released. I used to sit in Beatties in Croydon watching the Promo Video's. Was in there I created the idea for the Foxshot.

Anyways, after my reintroduction to the Hobby after my Hotshot, Egress , Avante & Top Force purchases, my wife bought me The Bruiser for my Birthday November 2019. (PRE Covid Lockdown)

Oh man, this thing is SO cool. I built it very close to Box Art, but my details are WAY better, and more accurate.
I run it regularly. Probably the most of all my kits. And its getting modded for extra suspension travel.

Anyway, Teaser pics.

6 Out Exploring 3 Tamiya Box, Kinda Wonky 7 Painting in the Air Vents 7 Nervous Applications 2 Off his Head!! 7 Spikey Hair, Like me :) 5 Panel gap details.... 3 Doesn't that look better, straight! 3 Nekkid Body 6 Dusty Trail Residue 1 Suspension Upgraded Wanted Piggyback Coolness 5 Mods Started 4 Front Mount Servo 4 Articulation getting there 5 Canti's or or extensions? 4 Stock Vs CAT XLS 3 Going Up 2 Coming Down 4 Bash Guard Trimmed 6 Anti Tramp lowered to clear hangers




Great looking Bruiser.



Very cool the 3D printed parts for the extra suspension travel. Did you design them yourself?



@KiwiTam. No, The servo mount and wheel spacers are Shapeways Ampro Engineering
The canti Link is from Ebay. Here:
[Click here]

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