Model: (Click to see more) 58027: Ford F150 Ranger XLT
Status: Restored
Date: 9-Oct-2020
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I won this body set on ebay. It had been built, but never used.
When it arrived, it had probably the worst paint job i think ive ever seen, it had been both sprayed and brush painted in who knows what type of paint, and then partly lacquered in what looked like nail varnish!
Other than that the body was near perfect, with none of the usual breaks, and it came with an almost complete original decal set.
Not knowing what the paint was, i submerged it in brake fluid for two weeks, after which, the paint just fell off.

It has been sprayed the correct TS-15 blue, and the original decals applied. I am missing a couple of the decals that had already been used which i will find, but i am happy with the result so far.


11 Almost done 12 17 14 15 As it arrived with the worst paint job ever 10 After 2 weeks soaking in brake fluid 7 12 First coats of paint

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