Model: (Click to see more) 44002: GP Chassis TGX-Mk.1 TS w/Tamiya OPS VR-15S Engine
Status: Restored
Date: 11-Oct-2020
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here is another TGX in the collection. i bought this chassis on ebay for a very low price , and it comes with a used Subaru Impreza body and a with a T2M .15 engine. i sold the T2M engine , the sub body and the original used wheels because they were used a lot and then i bought this used Tamiya OPS VR-15S engine with the money. The engine comes without the pullstarter (impossible to find) so i adapted easily the backplate ans the pullstarter for the HSP VX18 that fit perfectly.
For the body i used the last TGX body i had, i made it as a street car. I had to cut the blade of the front bumper because it was damaged by a shock. i painted the light in yellow translucent because i like the yellow lights/red body combo on the Calibra. Wheels are from Kyosho Optima painted in chrome and Michelin vintage tires are from T2M.
i will run the car as soon as possible as always and add the video on my youtube channel.
Thanks for looking ;-)
update 18/10/2020 : outdoor new pics & video

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TAMIYA OPS VR-15S engine




Nice work....I love the Optima rims!



Great colour combo, reminds me of Porsche rubystone red. Which colour of paint did you use?



@steffen: thanks, this is Tamiya PS-34

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