Model: (Click to see more) 58110: Super Blackfoot
Status: New built
Date: 16-Oct-2020
Comments: 5
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Bought via online auction. This has been in my possession, just under a year, since 9th November 2019 part of my Blackfoot obsession.

I intended to make it a runner as I have a mint version on the shelf as well. I got a tatty Bush Devil runner too so This new built is really too good to run, I just couldn't do it. Decided to let it go. Now it's off across the pond for someone else to enjoy.

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Ah.. the Super Blackfoot... the time Tamiya FINALLY got it all right. Best body style, gearbox design and kit price.. and then what happens? Discontinue it. Bah! Well, sucks that you sold it on.. (and not to me!)



Nice one, great restoration you did there!



Very nice mate got to love all the Blackfoot series!
I have a King Blackfoot l am doing a restoration on at the moment real nice truck and definitely love the Blackfoots with the ORV chassis the most though!

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