Model: (Click to see more) 58124: Super Hornet
Status: Restored
Date: 17-Oct-2020
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This is the first of my two Super Hornets that I bought for restoration. This is the first one I picked up, from a Danish auction site. It basically needed everything, please follow the link at the bottom to see the full extent.

The body needed the mounting holes for the spotlights epoxied, and I had to buy the missing driver.

The decals I used are from MCI, and looked fairly identical colourwise to the originals.

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Never knew I wanted one




Nice work and superb result! I had the same idea 2-3 years ago so I purchased 3-4 of these from Ebay, put together the two best - one a runner and the other a shelf queen both of which await completion and sold the other two.

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