Model: (Click to see more) 44050: GP 4x4 Nitrage 5.2
Status: New built
Date: 23-Oct-2020
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Its a bit of an odd purchase this one. I knew the seller and it was up on Ebay and I had casually added it to my watch list to see what it went for. Role on the end of the auction and I had a bid thinking I would get overbid and I won it. At  £157 delivered it was a steal really. So this is the second of the two Nitrage in my collection and this one is the Kit version. Distinctive by its blue body over the Factory built grey one the kit version also includes some extra hop-ups. The last owner has built it well, not even finished the break in procedure and also added a few extra hop ups. I will do a few odd bits to it but it needs very little. I will add a few more hop ups, add a Tamiya RX and maybe add some yellow wheels. A really good addition to the collection.

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