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Status: Project
Date: 24-Oct-2020
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After my success with my low rider Lunchbox I thought I would have a go at a Midnight Pumpkin.

The Lunchbox worked really well but the front wheel drive was a problem as the wheels would just spin unless the throttle was fed in very slowly, I decided from the start that the Pumpkin would have to be rear wheel drive.
After a few hours of trial and error I came up with this rwd conversion, the steering is very basic but works well enough for now.
The body has to be stretched slightly to go over the battery but acts as a battery clamp so it's all good. It's running on truck racing wheels and tyres from a TT01 and I've set the suspension as high as possible for maximum ground clearance.
There was no trimming required to the front arches this time as the Pumpkin body is wider than the Lunchbox, the steering works well without touching the body.

It's an absolute hoot to drive, very tail happy, great at donuts and it's fast even across wet leaves and gravel. I can't wait to try it out on some tarmac!

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I have a Pumpkin body on a mf-01x chassis. Was thinking of converting it to Rear wheel drive so I could used it with a beetle body as well, just add in a spacer. No need for drive shaft. One for the winter



Great build, and good thinking on the truck wheels.

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