Model: (Click to see more) 58470: Holiday Buggy 2010
Status: New built
Date: 25-Oct-2020
Comments: 2
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A simple model that was a lot of fun to build that mixes a bit of nostalgia with modern technology.

4 Waited ten years to build ... 5 since it was released in 2010. 11 It didn't take long to build ... 8 and with the 370 motor is a safe beginners model. 4 The fit of all the parts is great ... 8 and the differential is simple ... 8 in a straightforward gearbox. 7 Everything goes together easily ... 6 8 3 10 9 6 1 with loads of space for the electronics. 4 The driver provides a bit of character ... 5 as do the accessories. 6 A bit of care required to align the stripes ... 14 was time well spent.

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hot rod


Lovely little buggy and great as a beginners car or for that look of nostalgia. Have one built from new myself and never used infact in its box minus its wheels to fit in the box. One day it will run



Love the rere Holiday buggy! DT02 is a foolproof and sturdy platform, good permorer stock and easily upgraded. And especially with the Holiday buggy and sand rover body's they look the part!

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