Model: (Click to see more) 58061: Striker
Status: Restored
Date: 25-Oct-2020
Comments: 6
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Howdy Tamiya friends,
today i want to tell you something about my restored Striker, which i bought from Ebay as a barn find in middle bad condition some years ago. Overall scratches, thick & cracky bad painted colors, broken tires and cracked under deck a.s.o. Short: The best starting situation for a meanful restoration... But i have to admit, i really like those projects, to bring forgotten legendary cars back to life. When it arrived at home i really loved to discover all these little details, which tell you the story of its past life: The marks, the dust and dried mud, the textures of the old colors, the smell... So bad i did not made any pictures of its starting condition. Anyway, it's a bit ago, 4 years or so, autumn wheather, rainy days, good vibes in the garage. Always when i stared on the old pictures in the Tamiya catalogue, it gaves me that typical 80s-90s feeling, the magic of Tamiya's characteristic cars, goosebumps from the childhood and the Striker is one of that special ones. Not beloved from all, indeed very polarized, but for me simply a brave idea to build a 90s futuristic F1 car for the dirt. The colors, the shape & stripes, the free view at the driver and the fact the Striker is a first time buggy: Always cool to build and tune those waggly half toys ;D After disassembling, cleaning and deciding what is still to rescue i stripped, glued, sanded, painted, and bought all the parts to give it a rebirthed look. Nearly three months i spent into it, but it was trully fun to restore and i still bought its sister the 'Sonic Fighter' in a similar condition, hey hey ;D The decals i had also bought again. I had luck to find a original decal sheet. The application was a challenge of its own: inflexible and willful, but i got it with the help of soap water, a hair blower and much patience... But with the sticker for the helmet i just loose 100%, there was no way to applicate it without any folds. I stopped then, cutted out the type and painted the stripes on the helmet. That brings me to the idea to paint the blue colored plastic parts too. I decided to add just some light hop ups: ball bearings, a Sport Tuned motor and find some original Sonic Fighter oil dampers, yipiee! I also restored the original rims and so i have its original wheels, years before Tamiya bring them back with the Grashopper 2. But as a Tamiyafan you always playing around with different types of wheels and i still had laying some new alloy rims for the FAV. They are a bit bigger than Scorcher rims and i tried to put my favorite 'Smoothee-Paddle' tire constellation on the rims. What should i say: it works fine. 4 years on the rims and no crack, whooray! Okay since my Striker is finished, it stays secure in the vitrine. I didn't dare to drive it in the dirt so far, but test it indoors and still want to drive it one day. It's more than cool to see it in motion and i like to drive all my cars. So any Striker fans out there? :) For me it's a legendary Tamiya. Hope you like my Striker gentleman, happy free time! Starting numbers will be the final action. Greetings from Berlin. e'

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Back in the days!




Very nice . I'm not a big fan of the Striker but this VERY nicely turned out . I like the driver detail and the wheels are great .



Fabulous, really well done.



The driver indeed come to life!



What a nice restoration! These wheels make a big difference, looking great. Very nice details on the driver also.

Max Power


Beautiful job on this restoration, the driver is especially well done. People shouldn't judge the Striker and Sonic Fighter before they see them in person, they are both great looking buggies.



Thank you very much gentlemen!

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