Model: (Click to see more) 58029: 4x4 Blazing Blazer
Status: New built
Date: 28-Oct-2020
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It's a luxury problem but I nearly have all cars I would like to have. Now the end is in sight what to hunt for next? Maybe a bigger house:)
The Blazing Blazer was not love at first sight to be honest. I started reading about it and the analysis of the why it's not popular is somehow seen through the eyes of an European. My guess is it was meant to be for the United States customer, but no evidence on that. It doesn't show in many catalogs or guide books. So was it a succes or not saleswise I don't know, but it is a rare model collection wise for sure.
The last year(s) I haven't been very active in the hobby and somehow I wondered around on eBay and this one showed. Wow! Exactly what I was looking for: new built with really good pictures to get a closer look. Anyway auction time an I was overbidden in the last second and it really really hurt. This happens a lot, this one was different. These cars don't come cheap so decided to write a message if anything goes wrong with the highest bidder please let me know. The reply came 4 hours later: long story, can you pay now? No problem otherwise I wouldn't bis in the first place and I won it in the rebound!
The seller is also a tc-member, somehow that is a good feeling with these amounts paid for. The thing I like about Clare is just be honest what is and what is not: the rear bumper is a repro. Ok on that. It's a needle in a haystack but I'll find one. The manual and the decals were in another auction. I didn't bother 'cause my car needs some diesel occasionally too and other bills have to be paid.
It's so new, hard to get it in the picture but wow it's amazing to have one this good.

Enjoy the view:)

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