Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Project
Date: 31-Oct-2020
Comments: 4
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Took a chance on a random Ebay auction that showed a heavily modified 80's SRB chassis.

Seller noted 'all the gears inside looked metal' and the axel spindles could turn in opposite directions.

An opportunity I couldn't pass on...

31 29 Ancient mods - maybe a racer back in the day 40 Looking good in there... 37 Boiling water bath to expand the metal 32 Great looking greasy gearbox 35 As exciting as opening a NIB SRB kit.. 28 Gear teeth look pretty good considering... 36 Never thought I'd see two of these 39 Now a super exciting second Thorp Diff rebuild 11 Restored and installed in new home 12 12

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Great score !! Let me know if you’d fancy selling or trading those white rear arms I’ve got loads of of vintage Tamiya and yokomo parts let me know Cheers Steve.



Hi Steve ! I learned on the forum they might be old RCH mods?
Feel free to message me and we can certainly make a deal on those.



Hi there, I sent you a couple of messages through TC but just wanted to make sure you received them so leaving this comment so you get the notification! Thank you, Paul



Hi Meakz - just sent you a message back through TC , sorry for the delayed response!

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