Model: (Click to see more) 58391: Hotshot
Status: New built
Date: 2-Nov-2020
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This is my tribute to the first 4WD buggy from Tamiya.

9 Looks mean from any angle ... 7 15 13 10 built alongside the Avante tribute ... 7 with the same body colour, wheels, wheel nuts etc. 5 Replacement parts were designed ... 10 to be made from carbon (purely cosmetic). 11 Started with painting the driver ... 9 followed by some weathering and detailing ... 9 including a steering wheel and an intercom wire. 8 Super Stock TZ with black wires for stealth ... 9 painted driveshafts to highlight 4WD ability ... 14 with the motor fitted and ali parts polished ... 11 with a compact radio installation ... 10 and black nylon cable ties for a tidy roof ... 8 chassis simplicity is part of the charm ... 11 simple spotlights add character ... 14 very metallic with PS-53 lame flake paint ... 8 finished off with lightweight black Egress wheels.

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