Model: (Click to see more) 84270: Avante Black Special
Status: New built
Date: 2-Nov-2020
Comments: 7
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This is my tribute to the '88 technical tour de force from Tamiya.

22 Looks jam packed with hi-tech from any angle ... 16 the Avante occupies a special place ... 20 in the history of Tamiya. 15 This BS was built with the standard stickers ... 15 alongside the Hotshot tribute. 15 The chassis parts were redesigned ... 11 with prototypes made in cheap MDF ... 15 before using carbon, driven by a desire ... 15 to remove two surplus ears/holes in rear brace ... 17 and wish to customize for the hopped-up steering. 14 Lucky to find authentic Mr T titanium screws ... 13 which were weighted first ... 8 countersunk screws create a smooth underside ... 12 painted driveshafts to highlight 4WD ability ... 13 titanium screws saved 19g overall ... 16 use of exotic materials is part of the charm ... 17 very metallic with PS-53 lame flake paint ... 14 visible underside of spoiler received extra paint. 17 Futuristic jet cockpit really adds some magic ... 12 finished off with lightweight black Egress wheels.

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Painting the Avante interior




Painted drive shafts - that's dedication!



Thanks - really enjoyed reading your approach



These black rims really match with the metallic purple. Very nice!



Great build and beautiful result! The lightweight Egress wheels make the whole car and your tribute looks better than the original, IMHO!



Great effort on the chassis plates! Real addiction to Tamiyas legend!



The aesthetics of the chassis components and the appearance in general are unmatched. Especially with all the extra goodies. Great build!



Really appreciate the feedback; certainly took a few extra hours with the design work but the whole project was a labor of love borne out of respect for Tamiya.

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