Model: (Click to see more) 58182: Audi A4 STW
Status: New built
Date: 8-Nov-2020
Comments: 2
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This is my 1/10th scale Tamiya Audi A4 STW touring car on the TA-03F chassis that I purchased from Ebay in April 2020 for a reasonable $125.00 USD. I was on a DTM/BTCC kick at the time and this is one of my favorite liveries so I didn't hesitate. There are plenty of these on TC so most of us know that it's modeled after the 1:1 driven by the Italian Emanuele Pirro to several championships in both the Italian and German DTM racing series back in the mid '90's. This one needs the wiring organized, rearview mirrors for the body that I'll harvest from my runner body and a new right front upright which I sacrificed from a TA-03 parts car that I purchased but it's otherwise in mint condition and doesn't look like it was ever used. Surprisingly, while replacing the damaged upright I discovered that this car had the Tamiya hop-up CVD front drive shafts so they were removed so I can use them on my modified runner and replaced with stock dog bones to maintain a stock condition. Since this is a box-art version on the original TA-03F chassis it will remain a shelf queen and I'll probably install a full interior at some point. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

15 Iconic livery. 9 8 11 11 10 9 7 10 Front motor design. 9 No damage. 11 Belt driven 4WD. 14 1:1




True Tamiya classic, very nice find!



Looks awesome mate

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