Model: (Click to see more) 58076: Vanquish
Status: Restored
Date: 8-Nov-2020
Comments: 4
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Before all the VQS builds come up, I felt the need to publish my Resto of my first and probably most beloved childhood 4WD buggy, my Vanquish. It   ´s almost finished using MCI stickers and TBG body done last year. This year I switched to Tthe TAmiya Racing wing with homemade winglets in Vanquish style, to get a proper and durable wing. Damper mounts are black FRP homemade based on original Hicap/Vanquish positions, plus the one original Avante mounting point in the rear. Rear upper deck is FRP, too, all black looking more stealth than carbon. Shock tower braces are Avante 2011. Shocks are my Vintage Hicaps restored, running Egress 2013 springs painted in yellow. Body had to be blue as I painted it in 1989, again. (Had a love for the Terra Scorcher, too, so I was stuck with the blue). Evert is not handicaped anymore and has a real cockpit. Still has to be painted. It    is made possible by a low profile servo mounted from underneath the topdeck. Front wishbone mount and knuckles are Aluminum (Pargu/Yeah racing). And for sure the 2011 Aluminum uprights are used, painted in bright gunmetal. I bought a full Vajra kit for my Avante family 3 years ago, complete drive shafts and diffs together with a refurbished centre diff are used here for troublefree running. A 13,5t brushless Speedpassion Sportsman spins the drivetrain by a 20t Carisma slipper pinion, which cuts torque overloads slightly. Hope you like it,

7 8 Flowing lines, epic Tamiya design. 8 Rear view 9 Electronics... 10 Rear shock tower 9 Front shock tower with Hicap and std. CVA holes. 8

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Great job and beautiful resto! A ton of intricate and some obscure detail really make it meaningful.



Thank you for your kind words Jersey, I just tried to adress some weak points, that came up up to my mind again.



That's ace! Is the Carisma pinion a straight drop in?



Hi Barnoid, thank you very much! The Carisma pinion is nearly straight drop in, I just cut a tiny bit of plastic with the hobby knife inside the box for clearing the set nut. And the brushless motor had to be shortened with the Dremel, as this was very long compared to a brushed motor. Otherwise, it´s really a drop in, when you use the original Vanquish steel motormount.

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