Model: (Click to see more) 84270: Avante Black Special
Status: How To Guide
Date: 14-Nov-2020
Comments: 4
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The futuristic jet cockpit really adds some magic and thought I'd share some of the extra details added.

9 Not boxart ... 5 first primer, then the color of the spacesuit ... 3 which was then masked. 3 Favorite silver was next ... 3 followed by more masking. 5 A firewall was made and painted grey ... 2 before a bit more masking ... 5 around the instrument binnacle ... 4 followed by matt black. 7 Only some masking removed prior to shading. 8 Extra buttons and intercom wire added ... 5 completes the tribute to the Avante.

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Avante tribute




Where did you buy that rear panel, please?



I made it out of thin plasticard. My trick was to make two at the same time; holding them together I’d sand a side and then flip one over so that I had a template to sand the other side to. After a few flips both were identical and symmetrical. (Might not be the clearest of explanations but hope that helps!)



Excellent write-up and excellent results! This is very helpful to those of us who would like to attempt to take our interiors up to the next level of detail, thank you sir!



Great tips indeed!! Thank you so much for this... Wonderful outcome!!

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