Model: (Click to see more) 58182: Audi A4 STW
Status: Runner
Date: 18-Nov-2020
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This is my 1/10th scale Tamiya Audi A4 STW touring car runner on the TA-03F chassis that I purchased from Ebay UK in January 2019 for a reasonable $145.00 USD. It was the first of two that I purchased and came with the box, used/non-box art body, quite a few spare parts and decals, the manual and related paperwork, a Tamiya 540 brushed motor, Tamiya MSC and Acoms radio gear but no transmitter. The original plan was to restore the body to a box-art livery and use it as a stock runner. However, upon inspection the body was too beat up to be worthy of restoration and the chassis was in too nice condition to be used as a runner. Therefore, I purchased a second, more used/worn chassis that had full bearings all around to use with the non-box-art body and existing rims/slick tires and will preserve the nicer chassis/components for spares as needed. I figured having a non-box art runner is a little more interesting since most of the time enthusiasts choose to go with the box-art livery. I also purchased a new set of NOS Tamiya rims and a a B and C screw bag. The goal for this runner is to install all the period-correct hop-up parts on the box which surprisingly were very easy to find. So far, I've installed a Tamiya C.P.R. unit, CVD front drive shafts, purchased a Tamiya 1400 NP racing pack/battery, two sets of low-friction dampers that await assembly, a Tamiya Dyna Run Super Touring motor and ball diffs front and rear. I cleaned up the body and existing rims well but will remove some of the racing decals and add a few more appropriate 'street-tuner' type decals. We'll call this my Audi 'sleeper' since it doesn't look like much on the outside but will pack quite a punch with all the upgraded parts inside when finished. More to come as I continue to make progress. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

5 Lowered ride height. 2 Previous owner partially painted the rims. 4 Previous owner created his own gas cap door. 2 Shout-out to all the UK TC members! 6 2 4 Previous owner got 'creative' with black marker. 3 Ouch. 1 Very clean inside. 9 Plenty of wear underneath. 4 Vintage Tamiya C.P.R. unit. 3 Aluminum motor plate. 3 3 Box is in pretty good shape but needs some repair. 4 7 1 4 Repro decals left and original decals right. 6 Futaba Magnum 2PL radio and 1400 NP racing pack. 4

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I have never driven a belt drive car before! I must try one day! Iol interesting marker pen extras!



@MAD-BEE: Me neither but I'm looking forward to running this to see what it's like.

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