Model: (Click to see more) 58499: Mitsubishi Montero Wheelie
Status: New built
Date: 18-Nov-2020
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One of my childhood friends had an original Pajero wheelie model. So it has a special place in my heart.

By coincidence I came across this XB Montero on xmas sale a couple of years ago. Nothing wrong with the way the Montero looks, I just craved the small tyre look of the Pajero.

It's a relatively simple conversion as documented by others on TC:

Remove CW-01 specific suspension items to lower it.

Use Grasshopper rear, lower suspension pivot points to mount the gearbox.

Add Grasshopper/Hornet front steering knuckles. You can reuse the stock steering tie rods if you mount the steering servo wisely.

Use the CVA suspension mounts included with the kit (at least they were on my XB) to mount Super Mini CVA (must use largest internal spacer) on the front and Mini CVAs on the rear. Front springs are for a TT-02 and rears are unknown Tamiyas. Both sets of springs are a little too hard even with the 3-hole damper pistons and soft damper oil. But I didn't have a set of softer chrome springs available during assembly.

Fit re-release Brat wheels and tyres.

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Thanks for the clear instructions - was missing such clarity so far...I have the same project in mind



Nice job, and another 'thank you' for the clear instructions. Perhaps it's just fond memories of admiring the Pajero in Tamiya catalogues when I was young, but even though I really like the Montero it looks so much better with the 'proper' small wheels.

Stompin Around


Fab job and great pics! Well done on a cool project - amazing result!



Very nice - and I especially like the fact you were able to use all off-the-shelf Tamiya parts!

However, the big question is: Does it still wheelie? - enquiring minds want to know!



Nice work . I actually did this in reverse , a Pajero ( LB tub based ) into a Montero . I still have all of the parts to swap it back to a Paj . and I might just do that as I have a lot Puffy tyre vehicles .



Very nice and why tamiya did not rere this kit like this l don't know! I love the Pajero its a classic tamiya for sure its just so damn cool in original or made up form! Good job mate.

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