Model: (Click to see more) 58085: Avante 2001
Status: Parts
Date: 18-Nov-2020
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As with the Vanquish parts haul, most of the difficult items (wheels, driver, chassis, shell, decals) came from a large job lot of Avante parts.
Missing a few bits but probably 95% original with a splattering of Egress rere metal parts like the long tapered bushings, undercowl mount, stabilisers etc. I have enough orig screws/parts to make up screw bag B but would like to find one.
No sure what will happen to this lot, one day, perhaps when I retire, I may have time and display space to build another 2001, but knowing I own some rare and, as yet, not rereleased parts, is pleasure enough.
Oh and missing a front bumper, could only get a partial Vanquish E part tree

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