Model: (Click to see more) 58669: M08 Chassis Kit
Status: Runner
Date: 19-Nov-2020
Comments: 5
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RWD M-chassis cars have a bit of a reputation, and rightly so IMO.
My first experiences with the M-04 showed me quite how difficult these little cars can be, and to be honest I never really got to grips with it as an on-road racer. I never even tried racing my M-06 on-road, setting it up as a rally chassis from the get-go. So it was with some doubt in my mind that I set about building Tamiya's latest RWD M-chassis offering as an on-road race car. I had already built and raced the M-07, finding it noticeably superior to previous FWD M-chassis, so I was hoping that the M-08 would show similar advancements.

As it turned out, I was wrong to have doubted the M-08. It is a brilliant little chassis, well-designed and easy to build featuring quality components and plenty of adjustability. And it handles! Although having more in common with the M-04 in terms of overall design, it feels almost F103-like in its ability to follow orders and go where I want it to. It is holding its own in the postal racing, and I look forward to trying it out at post-Coronapocalyptic race meets.

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Nice! Good to see the latest M chassis variants, FWD and RWD next to each other. What is the electronic thing in the middle of them both, the one with the two white round things?



Thanks! The electronic thing is the capacitor pack for the ESC.



Thank you!

Stompin Around


Don't have any on-road cars myself but I'm appreciating them more and more (possibly a getting older thing? I don't know lol) -but anyways, both of these look to be a cool chassis. I have wondered before how much a rear drive chassis handles like the real thing - and there's no better car to emulate than the classic Mazda MX-5 - looks like you've done a fab paint job too - the complete package - well done and makes me want one now!

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