Model: (Click to see more) 58086: Toyota Hilux
Status: Restored
Date: 27-Nov-2020
Comments: 7
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This is one of the models I wished for when I was a kid.
I bought it a few months ago as a King Cab that had a terrible body but what looked like a reasonable chassis. Upon closer inspection I realised it had at some point in its life had a Lethal Weapon transmission fitted, so there was a section of the rear of the chassis missing :( Thankfully I managed to get a very nice condition chassis off @Turbotom and also managed to find a set of NOS arms, E parts and a gear set. All the original plastic parts were sanded and polished to as close to new condition as I could get. The one thing I was missing was a set of body posts, as obviously it started out as a King Cab. Again, @Turbotom came to the rescue and very kindly lent me a set so I could copy and 3D print some new ones. :) The inner and outer drive hubs were replaced with new items as the originals were well past their best before date and I had a spare set of diff plates from my Astute and Madcap supplies, so they went in too. Thankfully the housings were in perfect condition. I had a Dynatech 01R motor that it seemed rude not to use and for me it had to have a set of Hi-Caps too, although I've got the originals should I ever change my mind about them. All the screws, nuts etc were replaced with brand new old stock originals, which just left the body and wheels to sort out.
I tidied the wheels as best I could and decided on orange instead of the original red as they just look a bit too 'heavy?' - dunno - they just never looked right to me. The rear tyres weren't too bad, so I kept them, absolutely no luck was had finding original ribbed ones for the fronts though, so I located some vintage HPI items that are fairly close and in keeping. The body was a goner anyhow, plus it was A King Cab, so a lovely new Hi-Lux body was purchased from TBG along with some new decals from MCI. To top it off I struck gold and managed to get a set of brand new front and rear bumpers :) Unicorn Poo really does exist after all!
Radio gear consists of a Savox servo, Hobbywing 1060 ESC and a Flysky receiver.
I've got to just finish off the body and add the side number plates and I'm looking for alternatives for the tyres, but that aside I'm absolutely stoked to have finally got my big 3 sorted (Astute, Avante, Monster Racer)
Quick update with finalised stickers and tyres (although I'm not 100% about the tyres)

18 love it love it love it!! 16 how it came 14 19 old cut chassis 13 fully refurbed and replaced chassis 13 dynatech installled 15 19 all polished up (with wrong screws!) 23 nearly there 15 one of the best rear ends ever! 15 a real keeper 18 finished the stickers and new tyres 6 proper vintage Team CRP rear tyres


Stompin Around


Excellent work and fantastic truck - they’re a proper ‘looker’ these. I wasn’t too taken by these when I was younger but how times change, I now think these are one of a Tamiya’s best trucks and definitely wouldn’t mind one in my collection - well done!



Love it too....great work!!



You done a stunning job on that! Looks awesome mate.



Stunning job, well done.....again



Lovely looking liverery! makes all the difference, like the tyres as well!



thanks for all the amazing comments guys - really appreciate your votes of approval



Holy Dooley that is one epic King Cab jonboy, your projects never disappoint mate.

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