Model: (Click to see more) 58497: Vajra
Status: New built
Date: 29-Nov-2020
Comments: 6
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One of the models I've always regretted selling was my Avante Black Special. Out the blue a mate of mine was converting a Vajra and was smitten when these can be converted to a Avante. Just got to finish off the undertray but this is staying on the Shelf





Beautiful looking buggy! Maybe gold wheels would look better? but still dig the pink!



It´s the best thing to do with a Vajra in my eyes. To my opinion, Tamiya was never taken the Vajra serious. It was just a hidden way to get us an Avante 89 spec with longer wheelbase of the Vanquish/Egress. Now get the correct damper stays, and lower the rear end! And then rethink your decision for the shelf. Should be the best handling Avante ever!



I used to have a set of Gold Alloy Avante wheels but they have long gone ??. Do they still make them ? If a set of Hi Caps come up cheap I'll certainly look at getting some. May give it a blast on grass to see how it performs after I get bored of looking at it on the shelf

SRB Bloke


Out comes the gold spray paint and excuse me!!! tyre lettering ????????

Nice build buddy



Nice one Baz, almost recaptured the one that got away! Was never really taken with the Vajra so this seems like an inspired bit of recycling. Got to admit I'm not a fan of the pink wheels but it's your car, your choice. Hope you find some Hi-Caps at a reasonable price, they will finish it off beautifully.
Keep us informed of any developments?



LOL @ SRB Bloke. When I asked you last time you turned me down. Funny how people have different tastes. It's the Pink rims I've always loved first about this model. Don't know what that means about me lol. Defo on the lookout for the Gold Hi Caps if they don't cost a arm and a leg

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