Model: (Click to see more) 58495: Ford F-150 (1995 Baja Version)
Status: NIB
Date: 2-Dec-2020
Comments: 5
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Ford F-150 1995 (Baja Version). The first NIB kit I ever bought and built was the original Ford F-150 (58161). Like many, I sold it for a few dollars before I re-entered the hobby. Fast forward, when the kit was re-released about 10 years ago, I immediately bought the re-re and truly enjoyed the experience of building the kit that got me hooked. When this kit popped up on ebay a few years ago, I snagged it to sit along side an original, NIB 58161 that I have since added to my collection. The 58161 NIB is also in my showroom.

14 Front 14 Bottom 14 Top 12 Side


Stompin Around


Very rare these - well done!



Thanks, @Stompin Around. I've had this kit for quite some time now, but it just takes me ages to get my kits loaded into the showroom.



One of Tamiya's best, really nice looking truck and on a lovely quality chassis too. Beautiful!



Great score! I've been in love with this series since I first saw the Toyota Pre-runner BITD (my favorite of all three) and have had an original F-150 version since I purchased it NIB and assembled it back in 2006. A few years ago I managed to score a NIB Pre-runner as well. They were really beautifully scale and ahead of their time so much so that I might start looking for a re-re Baja version to keep NIB.



Nice one! Another underestimated kit form Tamiya.

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