Model: (Click to see more) 58489: Avante 2011
Status: NIB
Date: 7-Dec-2020
Comments: 6
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I've always had these since collecting many moons ago but the NIB's were just out of reach - let's face it, not many came up that was affordable and since I've done 'OK' in life, I thought I'd indulge a little. I have a few rollers but it's the NIB's turn :)

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One of my all tiome favourite models, along with the TF evo

pcw 064


Best buy at the moment, beautifull boxes, how more how better, well done



I would be happy with just one lol l have obviously not played my cards so well! Well done to ya mate enjoy! Very jealous!!! Iol Fantastic kit and a real classic!



?? Not so out of reach for you, but it certainly is now for at least 3 other people....??



_Simple_ Never say never... I said the same thing 20+ years ago about those peeps who had the monopoly on those Bruiser 3 speeders and to no lesser degree, Tamiya Avante. Work hard to achieve your Professional goals in life (Education & Career) and you WILL get your just reward. I'll be happy with 1 Avante but someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse and was begging me to take it away from him knowing I'm going to keep it an NIB and possibly want to buy some of it back from me whilst he's sorting out his life.



Dirt-Racer Well said! As you said,... Just the other day my 20+ year patience came true. I was perusing the right hobby store at the right time and I've FINALLY achieved the goal of purchasing a NIB Avante for retail price!!.....Was starting to think it would never happen, but just as you said, hard work and patience yields the rewards!
So happy to have found a forum that appreciates the quality of Tamiya product, as well as to share the hobby that soothes my hyperactive problem solving brain. )

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