Model: (Click to see more) 58519: Toyota 4x4 Pickup Bruiser
Status: NIB
Date: 9-Dec-2020
Comments: 7
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Well, here it is. A boy man gone crazy, taking out all his pepped out frustrations and longings for these model cars to come into his life a long long time ago. My only consolation is, it's better late than never I guess. And yes I feel some sense of accomplishment and closure, a peace of mind that I had made it. This to me is like the holy grail to RC collecting. And to have it in 3 is just mind blowing to me. I don't have any immediate plans in opening and building one. I have sooooo many projects that I am just dying to sink my teeth into. I don't feel I'm losing out anymore and felt just contented with having these in my sight. I feel blessed. This is officially my 2nd - 4th 3 speeder.

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what is better than having fun once? Having fun 3 times! enjoy!



Cool, so you can use each one for each Gear.



Ouch many euros there. Enjoy the building, should be fun.


why do you need 3? spares or investment?



Spares? No, these are my first. Investment hmmm maybe but Stocks & Shares are better..... It's neither of those. I guess it's what you get for being a collector and my itch or thirst is real bad




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