Model: (Click to see more) 58511: Nissan Titan
Status: New built
Date: 13-Dec-2020
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DT-02 Nissan Titan Racing Truck. Here's my recently completed DT-02 Nissan Titan. I must say, this kit offers a pretty good bang for your buck, considering it comes with full ball bearings, CVAs, and foams for the tires. I typically tend to do my kits in box art, so this is one is no different (well nearly - I skipped painting the rear fenders gray).
I completed the build using a Reedy Radon 19T motor and a Hobbywing 1060 ESC. Additionally, I used the following hop-ups:

53790 Cup Joints (metal)
53791 Universal Shafts
54397 DT-02 Aluminum Servo Mount
*54629 DT-02 Steel Pinion 19T
*53828 DT-02 Turnbuckle Set

* Added March 2021


December 20, 2020 Update: I trimmed and painted a Sand Viper shell for bashing, so I can keep the Nissan body shell pristine. The Sand Viper was painted using PS-58 Pearl Clear and PS-29 Fluorescent Pink, The conversion was easy enough and switching back and forth should be a quick affair, only requiring three screws to change to the correct body posts.

March 1, 2021 Update: I've added a couple of new items after a couple of great bash sessions. I've updated the motor to a Reedy Radon 17T brushed motor with a 19T pinion (haven't run yet...we'll see how it goes). I've also added the full turnbuckle set, switched out the shock brace with a Tamiya turnbuckle (blue theme!), and added new ProLine Hole Shot 3.0 buggy tires.

34 Box Art 26 Front Right (Above) 32 Front Right (Level) 31 Rear 28 Side 31 Front 34 Chassis 26 12/2020 Update - Sand Viper body shell 23 12/2020 Update - Sand Viper body shell 18 03/2021 Update




That’s a sweet little truck, well done!



Looking good!

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