Model: (Click to see more) 58403: Fire Dragon
Status: Extra info
Date: 17-Dec-2020
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The last of my spares.
Some essential spares remain but these extra ones will go to this build.
Just missing stickers atm, MCI don't supply a complete set, so may wait for some Tamiya ones to appear.
Will be built with ......
Steel pinion
A5 support plate
Tamiya body
TBG chassis cover
Red wheel nuts

UPDATE 07/02/2021
Still waiting on MCI stickers that I ordered on 27th December! Otherwise this would have been finished by now!

UPDATE 17/02/2021
All painted up now with ps-34 bright red
I think the MCI stickers are ever so slightly too large for the body and some are mirrored rather than being replicated accurately, okay for a runner though.

Tyre lettering, I was just trying out different colours I had, nib size 2mm which is too large really but looks ok from a distance.

Driver is racing white and chrome yellow

This will be the backup runner to the terra scorcher

61 61 22mm shaft and 3mm washer 47 Using a 540 motor from approx. 2015/6 54 22mm shaft too long 42 After using dremel 41 44 9 21 12 10 12 12




Nice winter warmer build to look forward too mate.



Looking fantastic mate and love what you did with the tyre lettering!

HornetRacer 1971


Looks great. Driver looks brill as well! Tamiya RC cars look so nice when they are new like this.....a shame to drive most of them! Well done mate ??



Yes that's when a second nib arrives!



Very nice, that color really pops.

Teddy Ruckspin


that two tone tire writing looks great

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