Model: (Click to see more) 47330: The Bigwig (2017)
Status: NIB
Date: 23-Dec-2020
Comments: 2
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It is my understanding this was supposed to be their Flag ship model from their long line of 4wd models that used the same platform [Transmission, Suspension], everything more of less the same. You have the Hotshot, Boomerang, SuperShot and you name your flagship model the BigWig? It had never crossed my mind of how that name had come to be, I guess I'm getting on a bit from those young days, a little gray and yes, thin up top ~ you can't help wonder, was it an old man who created the car that was balding and his inspiration of giving his creation was after the fact he needed a wig that was big enough to cover his shinny head? lol, I mean come on? I'm having a hard time thinking these names were made out of the blue, anyone who knows engineering, science, math, STEM knows full well, nothing is completely random. I was just getting in RC's at the time when these were the cream of the crop from Tamiya offerings. I got as close as the Boomerang. I have a few of these as rollers posted on my original TC account which is posted on my profile page and not so much inclined to touch any of these NIB's and hence not such a big collection of these as I'm sure some of my peers would attest. :)

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Super Shot became the ^Super Hotshot^ Since when??




Such a cool looking buggy and a classic for many different reasons!



You're not wrong there Mad-Bee, this was the first Tamiya Car I fell in love with but like all my sobs stories lol, I could only get as close as looking at it from behind the showcase cabinet over at Hamley's in Oxford street (London) when they used to stock all the popular RC gear.

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