Model: (Click to see more) 58583: Egress 2013
Status: Runner
Date: 28-Dec-2020
Comments: 4
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Not really 100% sure how many Egress I have but these don't pass my radar too often, not the best looking modern looking Tamiya and yes I am aware these were raced and achieved some good results by some decent UK drivers at the time, Jamie Booth is the only one that pops to mind. In terms of technological terms and much like the Avante, I think back in the late 80's these were very much in the minds of many club racers but these were deemed impractical because these were expensive, not much of a spares backing and not many that were decent was driving them.

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Nice score! I was a bit late to the game when it comes to the Egress but as soon as I could afford a re-re I purchased on that remains NIB waiting to be assembled. Perhaps not up to par with the thorough-bred racers BITD I think these would make ideal vintage racers now although nobody raced them at the VONATs that I attended between 2014-2016 which was a shame.



Hey JerseyRC, if you're a bit late in this game then I'm into extra time. I'm way beyond late in terms catching these re-release. Couldn't be helped, Family is a full time occupation. Given this covid era, have given me great pause and an opportunity to grab some of the tail ends of these re-release models. If only I can find a way to grab a hold of a few of these Egress's without paying an arm and a leg. I'm almost certain I could've bought me an NIB with the money I spent on this. But I'm still grateful to have caught something. You're more of a daredevil than I am to race this, I would just be jelly trying to race this, telling myself to take it easy, you can't afford to crash this you sillly ole bugger. I love racing but I'm cringing right now just by the thought of it lol..



One of my favourite models, I’ve yet to build my re-re but my vintage one was well used by the previous owner and a very strong car so I’d expect with the 2013 upgrades it’ll be great to drive, enjoy



Very nice such a classic tamiya!

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