Model: (Click to see more) 58519: Toyota 4x4 Pickup Bruiser
Status: New built
Date: 30-Dec-2020
Comments: 6
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This my take on the Tamiya bruiser re-release. I added RC4WD rear cap. The interior is CC channel side panels and dash. All the light lens's and rear view mirror are CC channel as well. I added a second Tamiya damper at each wheel and rubber fender flares. I also deleted all the bulky white bumpers and side cars. The rest of the model is stock.

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Look great much better than the cab comes with the kit. I would like the bumper and nerf bars as it would complete the look , painted in black of course. Still one sweet Bruiser you got there.



That looks fantastic with the RC4WD cap. I like the bumper deletes as well. Nice job on the interior as well.

Stompin Around


Love the rear cap idea! Looks great!! I’ve ordered the black bumper set for when I build mine, so I’ll probably fit front and rear and leave the side ones off. Thing is I keep changing my mind lol! Anyways yours looks amazing!



I prefer the Mountaineer but now I seen yours with the rear long cab and other mods I'm not quite sure now. Looks fantastic!



What an improvement this RC4WD rear cab over the original one! Every other change you made, makes it better. Nice work, I really like it.


That is a beautiful Tamiya Bruiser! I really like the Rc4wd camper on back.

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