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Status: New built
Date: 3-Jan-2021
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This is my vintage 1/10th scale, new-built MRP Gentry Eagle r/c mega yacht that I picked up on Ebay in July 2020 for $193.00 USD. It's a faithful replica of the 114 foot, 11,000 horse power, 7 million dollar, 1:1 trans-Atlantic record-breaker driven to speeds of over 65 mph/100 kmh by the late owner Tom Gentry back in 1989. At the time, Tom Gentry brought the record back to the United States after taking it away from the Brit Richard Branson. Gentry also held many records racing offshore catamarans and hydroplanes. As some of you know, I'm a big offshore powerboat fan and knew that these boats existed for many years but wasn't interested enough to try to find one until I came across this nice example and they are quite rare. It arrived new-built in very good cosmetic condition with the box, a Futaba Attack-Sport stick radio/receiver/servos, MRP two-speed micro-switch MSC and the original three MRP Wizard brushed motors but was missing some decals and was slightly damaged during shipping. The damage is minor and can be repaired but the seller did give me a partial/$32 refund for it. I'm going to start running my vintage r/c boats with modern ESCs and ghz radios to avoid loss of control and damage so more to come when I get those installed. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

9 9 9 Triple screw, twin rudders, trim tabs. 16 9 11 7 8 Three motors in staggered configuration. 7 Two-speed, micro-switch MSC. 7 Mint Futaba radio - sold with my Kyosho USA-1.

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Great example, remeber this model well! I still have my Kyosho Jet Stream 800. Definetely worth to finish your Eagle! I was alo a fan of the Offshore races in the 90`s. And in the meantime these are real claasics, and well performers as models, too! Your most left prop seems a little lower than the right example, or have you just dry fit them for the moment? CouldnĀ“t spot, if the kit was already begun to build...
Have fun!



That's some bit of kit!



@Ruebiracer: Yeah, same here. The best part about these vintage fast-electric r/c boats is that they replicate the 1:1 which is something we don't see with the new ones I assume because the licensing fees are too expensive today. I just noticed the L prop shaft issue which is from the port-side motor sliding back due to it's strap being broken. I'm going to have to see if I can fix or replace that broken motor strap.



Triple motor, I don't think I've seen that on a rc boat before. Hope you will do some videos of it in action? I'd love to see it.


Hello and good day im rebuilding one of these old mrp gentry egals but mine is missing the swim deck and the main top hatch cover/lid is there anyway you could measure your so I could attempt to rebuild them? Greetings Branden.



@Branden: Sure, I'd be happy to get those measurements for you but I would need some way to contact you since I don't see your user name next to your comment so I assume you're not a member of TC?

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