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Date: 6-Jan-2021
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Part of my ongoing effort to document parts and packaging that Tamiya produced throughout the 90's and early 2000's

Limited and hobby show/event releases -- These are the wheels that were produced in limited numbers and generally unavailable outside of the Japanese market (oftentimes sold exclusively at hobby shows and Tamiya special events) Many of these limited items were not assigned part numbers, and in some cases, lacking a name or description printed on the header card!

24mm Wheels:

(No Part Number) 24mm Medium-Narrow Mesh Wheel, Red (Offset +2)
(No Part Number) 24mm Medium-Narrow Dish Wheel, Plated, Purple (Offset 0)
(No Part Number) 24mm Medium-Narrow Dish Wheel, Plated, Blue (Offset 0)

49205 24mm Medium-Narrow Dish Wheel, Transparent Pink (Offset 0)
49204 24mm Medium-Narrow Dish Wheel, Blue (Offset 0) Set of 8
49411 24mm Medium-Narrow 18-Spoke Wheel, Transparent/Clear (Offset 0)

7 (No Part Number) 24mm MN Mesh Wheel, Red (+2) 3 (No Part Number) 24mm MN Wheel, Purple Plated (+0) 7 (No Part Number) 24mm Dish Wheel, Blue Plated (+0) 6 49205 24mm MN Dish Wheel, Transparent Pink (+0) 6 49204 24mm MN Dish Wheel Blue (Offset 0) Set of 8 5 49411 24mm MN 18-Spoke Wheel Transparent (+0)

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