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Status: Project
Date: 8-Jan-2021
Comments: 4
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This was left in a corner of a friends house gathering rust and dust.
No time to give it a strip down & rebuild but this will be on the 'to do' list, gave it a little dusting and 5 min wipe and it doesn't look too bad.

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Cracking paint job



Mickey1000, I agree. Not bad at all considering it only cost $25



I love the B44 series and this one looks clean! The first version of the B44 is the most modern 1/10 scale buggy in my collection, and one of them sees regular use. Handles jumps well, and parts are still cheap. Equally important features for a good runner



Hey Dan, Yeah I am curious how this buggy handles. Right now I am scared to set it up & run since I really don't have much in terms of spare parts. Also, not sure about cell layout since all I have are 2s shorty LiPo packs. I may have to dig out some Nihms on ebay ;P

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