Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: New built
Date: 14-Jan-2021
Comments: 2
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This was a surprise Christmas present in 2020 when I was expecting a Wild Willy 2. I'd heard a few horror stories about Schumacher builds builds but apart from the tricky task of attaching the rear wing with rubber bands, the whole this has been a joy. The colour scheme is a mix between the Masami Hirosaka CAT XLS and Schumacher's own Top Cat classic, which can be seen on a video on YouTube. I'm not a fan of white wheels so I dyed mine with Rit, three in black and one in yellow.

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I think you were absolutely right dying the wheels, white wheels wouldn't suit this one.



Very nice two great Christmas present options l would of prefer the WW2 because its tamiya but mainly because l would not have much to do with a buggy like this awesome Schumacher! This buggy deserves a race track such a classic and top piece of kit!!
Nice paint job and like the wheels!

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