Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: NIB
Date: 16-Jan-2021
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Another revolutionary idea to have come from the race pedigree company out of Northampton UK ~ Schumacher.
Some of the original ideas they've incorporated in this car was their Belt transmission, Ball Diffs, Lay down shocks (Fronts) All their original designs. Always in awe racing alongside these cars with my gold tub RC10's. On paper it was awesome, on track however was a bit of a different story. The front suspension was a little too hyper active and didn't really provide a stable car and that's why they switched it over to upright suspension in a short span of time to make it more competitive, also the plastic telescoping driveshafts were swapped out (can't remember what is was called) but it was part aluminum, reason being was that it was affecting car's handling under acceleration . One thing was certainly a hit, was their belt drive system in the 2wd, it sounded so much quitter and what I imagine to be a little more efficient than the conventional gear system especially when running 1400mah Sanyo SCR's or even the 1700 Sanyo SCE's (remember them?) lasting 5 mins with pace was always a tricky business.

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Very nice again great buggy but l do find it funny that all the parts are just put in a bag and dropped in the box like they don't care because they are such quality parts and Schumacher damn well knows it!!



MAD-BEE, that's when you know you are used to having Tamiya & Kyosho & other Japanese company standard way of doing things. I know it's sloppy packaging and you'd think that since this is a Re-re (meaning it's special) they'd go the extra mile to make it so till the last detail. Sadly it's the sign of the times. The Masami XLS CAT is no different, in terms of packaging. I'll post it up next.



Love my rere Topcat, it is a gorgeous buggy, and drives really well. I agree packaging isn’t too nice, but I quite like their system, with one bag per picture in the manual.



MST uses the same system, one bag per step in the manual. When you open the MST box it looks organised, this looks indeed if it was thrown in from a distance and in random order. This all aside the fact you own not one but three of these beauties! Enjoy ownership, building and driving maybe?



The 'new collection' is building up nicely, I like the selection of quality classic kits from different manufacturers. I would have chosen the same ones! I'm looking forward to seeing the collection grow.

It's good to see someone re-discovering an old interest still happens

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