Model: (Click to see more) 58654: Lancia 037 Rally
Status: New built
Date: 22-Jan-2021
Comments: 2
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I'm going crazy with this site, sometimes new pics are her, sometimes not.
So I make again an update on my LANCIA 037.
Only drivers, mirrors and wipers are missing, since they dry in the box.

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Sweet collections you got, all very cool. Perhaps change the light bulbs to more yellow tone so it look even more realistic. Fantastic job on the decals those stripes are difficult to apply on the edges and around the headlights yours is flawless !



Thanks for your praise, I tried to do my best, though there some little errors t at the edges.
As for the lights.....I didn’t find any warm lights LED on the Internet which are ready to use for RC car, so I decided to make him a new look like XENON lights with the blue leds.
Maybe some day I will find some older look led, then I will change them.

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