Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: New built
Date: 30-Jan-2021
Comments: 7
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Body is from Controlfreax with some minor mods to the front spoiler.
Decals are a mix of Controlfreax, Will Gollop livery set from RC Decals and various plain decal sheets and letters.
Chassis is mostly TA02 with the odd TA01 part (rear arms, fitted upside down to reduce the wheelbase by a few millimeters) and TA03 part (body posts) thrown in. My stash of used TA02 complete chassis has ran out and the price of them on ebay has gone crazy so built this one from some aftermarket carbon fiber, new plastics, some new fasteners and a few used spares - actually worked out cheaper!
I've not posted anything for years but I was inspired by Monty's amazing Metro 6R4, the RC Decals Will Gollop livery and an old a photo i took in the late 80s (last picture)

1 Controlfreax with modded front spoiler 2 5 2 1 Scratch made sun strip, stripes from plain decal 1 New built TA02 carbon chassis, stealth body mounts 2 Croft Rallycross late 80s with 650bhp




That’s gorgeous, well done! That’s the body from L&L models, right? What’s the quality of the body and decals like?



Cheers Steffens. Body is from L&L, shell is good but colour on decals is a bit transparent, most of decals here are from the RC Decals set.



Cool,cool,cool...did mention this is cool!!



Very cool! especially with a picture of the actual 1:1 rally car for those that are not familiar. Well done



What did you do to the front spoiler?



A separate spoiler would have been so much easier. I carefully cut the shell either side of the spoiler where it meets the wheel arch, gave it a bit of heat with a hair dryer and pushed it down. Used a clear epoxy to glue the join on both sides. I accidentally glued it with the protective body film still on but that meant I could cut out the glue on the outside.

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